What Mum Didn’t Tell You About Finding the Right Girl!

What Mum Didn’t Tell You About Finding the Right Girl!

With over 7 years since his last serious relationship, André Palmer decided to get into the world of online dating. His goal was clear, to find the love of his life and eventually marry her, preferable all within a reasonable time frame.

This is his story of the 2 years he spent looking for love in cyperspace. Little did he know how funny, weird, strange and in many ways, full of deception this world can be. More then once he finds himself being the victim of a scammer, even when he thought that he had learned his lesson.

When you follow him on this journey the author makes this promise:You will become engaged and made a part of his world and if you are into online dating yourself you might find this useful. However, what he can’t promise you is that you will always agree with his thoughts or view of life, you will enjoy as he points out the irony and humor of the experience. The author takes the reader along with him on the two-year trek into online romance.

About the Author:
André Palmér is currently living in China where he is working as a Teacher. Andre has a background in IT sales and account management with Apple and IBM and have lived and worked in several countries like Austria, Ireland, USA, Malta, The British Virgin Islands and Sweden, where he is originally from. When he is not working André likes to write and practise Krav Maga.

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