What is the definition of studio practice in art?

Question by BigRig: What is the definition of studio practice in art?
I’m supposed to write about the studio practice of contemporary artists but I don’t really know if I’m approaching this the right way. What exactly does studio practice mean?

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Answer by Debonair
I can’t say that I have heard this term used before but I think what the phrase studio practice might mean is the manner in which the artist uses the studio to do what it is that they do. The set up,equipment used ,procedures,work schedule/ethic. Areas designated for different types of work,drawing in one, another for painting,etc All of this would of course vary from one individual to the next.


I did a search using the words” studio practice’ and got this university course description that uses the words. Do remember that is a course description. It includes what an artist would do in a studio but is describing what the students will be doing in the different course levels.


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