Todd Haynes Flunks Melodrama

Todd Haynes Flunks Melodrama
Here Haynes experiments with conventional storytelling, using James M. Cain’s 1941 novel about a working-class American woman (miscast Brit Kate Winslet as the banally named Mildred) who rises in business, operating her own fried chicken and baked pies restaurant, and endures personal crises of romantic frustration and disrespected motherhood.
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Ex-cons get help keeping out of crime and on the job
Under the direction of U.S. District Judge Ortrie Smith, a team of probation officers, lawyers and service providers intensely focus on a group of 20 or so probationers, doing everything within reason to keep them sober, employed and crime-free.
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Thoroughbred Racing Roundup
The clear-cut winner on World Cup Day, in dollars or dirhams, was the home team, Godolphin Racing. But the emotional victory belonged to Japan.
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