The art of approaching a woman..?

Question by T-NutZ: The art of approaching a woman..?
I was recently at an event with my job and it happened to be greek week at my college, so naturally there were hundreds of cuties walking about. I spotted a few that I thought had some potential. The only problem is I’m kind of shy, and haven’t been single in some 3 years, so my skills are a little rusty. What are a few ways to 1) approach a women, break the ice with a woman you have approached, continue a conversation with that woman. 2) how do you get a woman to approach you, how can you tell if she wants to approach or wants you to approach her?

ive heard things like act confident, make her laugh, etc. what are a few examples of someone who is acting confident?

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I find a cute dog helps. Walk by ’em with the dog and it acts as an ice breaker. They come by you and ask to pet your dog then you slowly change the conversation to them. I’ve never succesfully enacted it, then again, I play WoW

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