Inexpensive Dating Ideas

Inexpensive Dating Ideas

Inexpensive Dating Ideas

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Inexpensive Dating Ideas

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Posted: Apr 20, 2009 |Comments: 0



Whether you’re talking about a night out on the town with a new boyfriend or date night with your husband, you’ve almost certainly got one big thing on your mind: money. Dinner and a movie have taken on a completely new (expensive) turn in today’s economy so many couples are looking for low-cost ways to have fun and save money at the same time.

You’ll know that money, however, has nothing to do with romance if you’ve read books by Michael Webb, Oprah expert, who says that Valentine’s can be the least romantic day of the year thanks to so many people’s insistence on just buying some roses and candy without any romantic thought. Michael offers creative, unique and fun dates in his book “300 Creative Dates”.

You will find a collection of ideas in this guide. While many of the ideas are quite creative, others are only a good reminder of places that everyone knows about…but forgot or just never realized that they would make an ideal place for a date. Thankfully the, “I would-have-NEVER-thought-of-that-in-a-million-years!” ideas DO outweigh the date idea refreshers.

The book includes touches such as ‘dating coupons’ you can give to your partner to redeem at a later date. Some examples?

– Redeem this for a fruit-picking day at an orchard or berry patch
– Redeem this for a one-hour bike ride
– Redeem this for an evening at a nearby drive-in theater

While there are 300 ideas, you’ll get bleary-eyed if you try to digest more than a few dozen in one sitting and some descriptions are a little lengthy (although you’ll also find a nice list of bullets with quick and to the point dating ideas ready). Overall, it makes a good reference for those looking for dating ideas that don’t break the bank. Find more interesting and useful ebooks at Online Dating Ebooks.

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Carole Parker
About the Author:

Carole is the author of some web-blogs in Health category. You can find more interesting and useful information at Beautiful Skin Blog and Ideal Weight Blog.


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