Terk FM Only Stereo Antenna FM+

Terk FM Only Stereo Antenna FM+

  • Distinct design
  • Omni-directional reception / directional when mounted horizontally
  • Frequency range: 88 – 108 MHZ , includes 6 Ft connection cable
  • Mounts on wall or sits on shelf
  • Instruction manual

Since the very first AM/FM tower, TERK radio antennas have featured distinct designs and ease of use coupled with high performance technology. TERK AM/FM antennas fit the needs of every household by providing simple, practical solutions together with high quality radio reception. Enjoy music, news, sports and talk radio with the improved FM reception. This antenna installs easily and can mount on the wall or sits on a shelf.

List Price: $ 11.99

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Where can an attractive black woman in her 40s go to meet single Asian men in their 40s?

Question by : Where can an attractive black woman in her 40s go to meet single Asian men in their 40s?
I’m a very attractive black woman in my mid-40s, who is very attracted to Asian men (Chinese, Japanese, Korean). I live in New York City, where there is a huge Asian population, but where can I
specifically go to meet Asian men who totally unattached, and who may be interested in dating someone like me. I tried the dating sites, must of those men are seeking Asian, white, or younger
women. Can someone please give me some concrete suggestions?

Best answer:

Answer by Dear Jane…
Asian clubs downtown, sista.

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Where/how can I help single parents??? (in New York City)?

Question by HONEY: Where/how can I help single parents??? (in New York City)?
I’m only 23 and not rich myself. But I thought..at least I have my bf and we are “managing” thru this economy. Neither one of us have a degree or even a stable job but we are making it.
I was thinking the other day, I know people say single parents can get assistance, but the truth is, there are many of them who don’t qualify simply because they are in the “middle”. They actually want to further themselves and make what the gov’t calls “too much money”..when in reality we all can see it’s hardly enough to keep them above the poverty line.
I feel bad for single parents because many men and women have simply had their partners leave them and they are trying to do the righteous thing and support themselves and their children.
Soo….does anyone know how I can help those “in between” parents…or even the ones who are on welfare but are desperate to get off it and onto their feet. I live in NYC, so if you have any ideas that even relate to this I would love to know. 🙂

Best answer:

Answer by LJ
While I don’t have specific suggestions, why don’t you try contacting the Children’s Aid Society?

They would probably have some good ideas of what you can do to help. Perhaps they even have a program that would allow you to volunteer some time (and/or perhaps some money.)

I think it is wonderful that you want to help. I hope you find a way to do so.

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How can someone with SSI income only find housing in New York City?

Question by bolinger81380: How can someone with SSI income only find housing in New York City?
I am a single man and only have Supplemental Security Income. Im wondering what my housing options to move to New York City would be.

Best answer:

Answer by natelinds
see if you qualify for section 8, if not find a property thats called section 42 they are government sub. and they require that you make under a cretain amount to live there.

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William H. Barnes

William H. Barnes
single men in new york
Image by jajacks62
34 Independent Battery, New York Light Artillery
South Kansas Tribune, Wednesday, July 28, 1915, Pg 5:

Soldier, Pioneer, Christian Citizen

The illness of Mr. William H. Barnes, recently noted, terminated in death this morning, at the age of 70 years.
He was born in New York City, as a boy saw service in the Army of the Potomac and after discharge returned home, but came west to Illinois where he was married to Mrs. Barnes, who survives him.
In 1871 Mr. Barnes and his wife came West and located in this county, took a claim southeast of Independence in Clear creek district, where be began gardening. Later sold and opened a garden north of Elk river at the foot of the hill in Gravel Hill district, but in a few years bought “the brick yard” on Tenth street and Rock creek where the family grew up and he became one of our intelligent, productive and Christian citizens, always on right side in public improvements. Barnes’ garden became widely known. In the ‘90s it was Mr. Barnes who rustled the organization of a gas company with shares of each and secured the drilling of the first natural gas well for Independence, at the foot of Tenth street on his garden. While it did not prove a success, it is still a producer for the old garden, and led to the coming of McBride, Bloom and Nickerson, and developing the gas interest and the oil interest in this field.
In the latter nineties he was selected as secretary of the State Horticultural Society, when its business was done on a single desk in a corner of a basement in the Capitol building at Topeka. He proved the right man and he began to advertise it, kept it up, got the press back of him and he was elected and re-elected for a dozen years, and when he turned the office over to his successor, Kansas Horticulture had taken many National prizes, and it had a fine room in the Capitol, and he had placed it on the map of Kansas, and Horticulture is there to stay.
After trading around he got back to Independence which he always loved, and has always been an aggressive, forceful citizen—not a knocker on any good proposition.
He was eminently patriotic and after Sunday school on the Lincoln day occasion, he made a fine address and recited Lincoln’s Gettysburg address. It was his request that his highly prized flag be draped about his casket.
The funeral will be held at the Methodist Episcopal church, with sermon by Rev. Floyd Poe, the Presbyterian pastor, in the absence of Rev. W. P. Wharton.
He was a member of the First Methodist Episcopal church, was superintendent of the Sunday school for a term, and a useful man. He is survived by his widow, sons George E. of Perry, Okla.; William E. and Ambrose of this city; Herbert H. of Wichita; Charles of Denver and Walter of Hot Springs, Ark. The daughters are Mrs. Lottie L. Johnson of Denver, and Mrs. Irma I. McDougall of Los Angeles, Calif. The children were notified and all go here before his death except Charles.
Before his death he was perfecting a roster of McPherson Post, G. A. R., which he hoped to get correct in all particulars, so as to file it in the state G. A. R. records in the Historical building, but that will have to be completed by others.

Independence Daily Reporter, Wednesday, July 28, 1915, Pg. 6:

Pioneer Citizen and Soldier Passed Away Today
Was Always Active in Public Affairs—An Authority on Horticulture

A long and useful life ended at 5:30 o’clock this morning when William H. Barnes answered the summons of death at his home at 409 South Second street. He had been sick for some time. In fact he has not had a well day since he participated in the ceremonies attendant with the beginning of the work on the new city hall. In behalf of the Grand Army post he turned the first spade of dirt on the foundation for the new building. It was a cold, damp day and Mr. Barnes undoubtedly aggravated there the illness of Bright’s disease which ended fatally.
Mr. Barnes’ life was one of great service to his country. Born in New York City, November 1, 1845, he enlisted in the Union army at the age of 19, being a member of the Thirty-fourth New York Independent Field battery. He was married after the close of the war to Miss Clarissa G. Anderson of Onarga, Ills. Mrs. Barnes with eight sons and daughters survive. Those are as follows: George E. Barnes of Perry, Okla.; W. E. Barnes of this city; H. H. Barnes of Wichita; A. F. Barnes of this city; Lotta L. Johnson of Pueblo, Colo.; Irma T. McDougall of Los Angeles, Calif.; Walter M. Barnes of Hot Springs, Ark.; Chas. S. Barnes of Denver Colorado.
All the children excepting two were at the bedside this morning when death came. These two, Charles and Walter are on the way here.
The funeral arrangements have not yet been made as to the time. The services will be held at the First Methodist church of which Mr. Barnes was a member, and in the absence of the pastor, Rev. W. P. Wharton, the funeral will be conducted by Dr. Floyd Poe of the Presbyterian chruch. A sister, Mrs. E. L. Gibson, of Brooklyn, N. Y., is on her way here and the funeral awaits her arrival.
Mr. Barnes was a member of the Methodist church for thirty-one years. He was a devout Christian gentleman of a high type and was very popular with all who knew him. He was active in G. A. R. work and was a member of the A. O. U. W. At his request his Grand Army comrades will have charge of the funeral services. Mr. Barnes came to Kansas in 1870 and to Independence in 1872. With brief interruptions his life since then has been spent here since. He lived at Humboldt in 1876 and conducted a Grange store there. He returned to this city late in the fall of 1876 and for a time conducted a garden farm near Elk river, north of the city. He lived there until 1870 when he started the place now known as Barnes’ gardens. He made a great success of his garden work and was long a competent authority on horticulture. From 1895 to 1907 he was secretary of the Kansas State Horticultural Society and had headquarters in the state house at Topeka. In 1894 he sold his garden on rock creek, south of the city and by that time he had built it up wonderfully. At one time he had over an acre of ground covered by glass in producing vegetables and flowers to the market. In 1895 he went to Topeka in his official position.
Mr. Barnes frequently carried a card bearing not only his name and record but a picture of him as a soldier boy back in the ‘60s. The same kindly gentle features are shown on his face as a boy that continued with him in all his after years. This card carried bye following record of Mr. Barnes military and official life:
Born in New York City, November 1, 1845.
Married November 18, 1865.
Cannoneer 34th N. Y. Independent Field Battery, First Division, 9th Army Corps, A. P.
Enlisted March 25, 1864.
Discharged June 23, 1865.
Aide on the Staff of General El Torrence, National Commander G. A. R. 1912.
Junior Vice Commander, Lincoln Post No. 1, G. A. R., Department of Kansas, 1911.
Secretary of Kansas State Horticulture Society, 1895 to 1907.
President two years, Secretary two years American Federation of Horticultural Societies.
Active member of American Pomological society twelve years.
State Commander for Kansas at Pan-American Exposition, Buffalo, N. Y., 1901.
State Delegate to National Irrigation Congresses at Chicago and El Paso.
Mr. Barnes was a highly educated man and was a frequent contributor to the press. After his return to this city about eighteen months ago he was consulted frequently about problems of horticulture and kindred matters and gave of his knowledge freely whether paid for it or not. He was a frequent caller at The Reporter office and often brought in little items of genuine interest that were highly appreciated. He also wrote quite a number of articles for this paper and they were read with interest. The last time Mr. Barnes called at this office was on the day of the children’s field meet and he brought with him the “strawberry quilt” that attracted so much local attention. It had been pieced by Mrs. Barnes and he was as proud of it as a child might be of a new toy. Mr. Barnes had the good fortune to retain his full mental faculties until death drew very close and this will always be a source of comfort to his loved ones. He was a good citizen, a strong clean-cut manly man who served his country well and his death brings sorrow not only to those of the family circle but of this community in which so many of his useful years were spent.

Are ladies jealous of single men that live at home?

Question by Jack C: Are ladies jealous of single men that live at home?
I am an average, yet very successful, 30 year old, single, straight, man from a New York suburb. I choose to live at home with my parents and other adult siblings not because of financial need or because my parents are sick. I live at home because I love my room; it took years to get it just right, it’s free, I get home cooked meals, my laundry done and I am never alone.

In return, my siblings and I contribute to the household by maintaining it and keeping my parents company. We are actually saving our parents money by mowing the lawn for $ 50.00 per week rather than the $ 120.00 it would cost a professional to do it. Furthermore, we provide around the clock security as we all have different schedules resulting in someone always being awake. Professional security can cost thousands per week.

Living at home is helping me move forward in my life and education as well. I am able to go to professional school and not have to worry about roomates in a crappy apartment or any uneccesary expenses. This is yet another savings for my parents as they don’t have to pay for an apartment for me.

I digress. I clearly have family values and am a proven family man. I simply have no need whatsoever to move out at this juncture in my life. Although I do not work because I am going through an extremely rigorous education, I am clearly working towards an incredibly lucrative and respected career. All of this is not attractive? Women simply hear that I live at home and “red flags” go up. Women disrespect the fact that I have not dated or even experienced my first kiss yet. This stuff always comes up when the women start with their questions – I choose not to lie. I guess woman don’t like ambitious and clean men anymore or are simply jealous of those who work hard to create stable home lives.

What do you think?

Best answer:

Answer by Piggy
The problem is you’ve never lived. You have avoided everything that would make a real man of you. You may have financial prospects, but no experience. No life.

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where to meet decent men in New York City?

Question by Lizzie: where to meet decent men in New York City?
I live in NYC — which is a socially nightlife culture. I am 35 and female. Where do i meet decent men if they are not in clubs and bars? I am so tired of everyone just trying to hook up with me… god, I mean I do have a personality, too. I want to meet a good hearted, non-cheating guy who WANTS a relationship. Where?

** there isn’t anyone at work…and my friends do not have single guy friends…

Best answer:

Answer by jOH!™
I have posted some links with some suggestions anyone anywhere could use to meet a new guy. Shine from Yahoo is a great source for this type of stuff. Good Luck.



This is for fall, but guidelines still apply.

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New York Singles Online at Free Ny Dating Service

New York Singles Online at Free Ny Dating Service

New York Singles Online at Free Ny Dating Service

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New York Singles Online at Free Ny Dating Service

Posted: Jan 14, 2009 |Comments: 0


New York is a popular city and also the most famous state in the United States. You should not be unmarried and alone in this beautiful city. You must find a companion to share your life with. You must find in love to divide all the joyfulness in your life with your associate. To be unmarried in this romantic state is not recreation of the whole. At all events, the sites of dating of New York had thundered to help the women and the men simple to be in NY. Many of other sites of dating have NY chooses as well. You can seek any online service of free dating to be registered with a profile. The free sites in line of dating have the majority of states of the USA, including New York.

Services of dating of New York were emerged to help of New Yorkers to find their love and romance on line. Without going to a club, you can seek your date on line. In fact, there are thousands of New York chooses at these free online services of dating. Newyorkers recorded their personnel dating from the advertisements on line to seek a companion. To date in New York was a phenomenon these last years. There is chooses more and more nowadays because the rate of divorce continues the increase. New Yorkers simple find their associates on line because they do not want to lose money and time with the bars or the nightclubs. NY chooses recorded on line their profiles on a goal to seek a nice companion of heart.

There are many reports/ratios created of these free sites of dating of New York these last years. Can you write? Can you supplement the shape on line? If so, then you can create beautiful personnel going back the advertisement with any service to dating of New York. To attract NY chooses to look at your profile, has you need for a photograph. Thus, the indication of an image can help your profile to be looked at more. Newyorkers like to look at profiles with images. The sites of dating of NY are the means of finding the women and the simple men of New York. There are unmarried thousands of women of New York and men of NY on line awaiting you. You should visit these completely free online services of dating of New York to find that the thousands of New York chooses today. Your other half awaits you on line. You should take a measure now.

Do you live in New York but want you to seek a basic love? Yes, you can seek any basic state with these free Web sites in line of dating. However, the majority of New York choose like finding their report/ratio on line in NY. NY chooses like finding their companion dreamer in any city in New York. When you live in a specific city, this becomes your birthplace. Thus, you can seek local NY chooses in your city and you can find that the distance chooses in any other state in America. As we know it what seeks during a date on line is easy and convenient in last years when the rapid development of the market of Internet. The majority of the men and unmarried women were on line easily.

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Tammy Johnston
About the Author:

Seeking plenty of fish in NY at free dating in NY and free New York dating site Please visit us today to find New York singles online Meet many NY single women and me at no cost

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New York Single Women And Men At Nyc Dating Sites

If you live in New York or want to move in the wonderful state of NY city of the United States, you can find a woman or a single man of New York easily. I like to divide with you better things about the dating on line in New York City. The service which I found that my associate is a completely free Web site of dating of NY.

Tammy Johnstonl
Feb 28, 2009
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Are all New York men crazy??? Or is that just who i attract???

Question by Michele: Are all New York men crazy??? Or is that just who i attract???
I’ve been living in New York as a single girl for two and a half years now and I can’t for the life of me meet someone! I’ve met guys in bars, on dating websites, through work, through friends and even on the subway and things either go one way or the other. 1. Most commonly I have no interest; I rarely meet someone I’m attracted to. 2. We meet they seem perfect for a while then they either turn out to be players, disappear off the face of the planet once we pass the two week mark or most recently they turn out to be clinically mental. I don’t throw this term around loosely, I actually mean they end up being a nut. Everyone seems to have mental problems, drink problems or suffer with depression. Are these my options for a future partner or are there normal attractive guys in New York City? Or maybe I’m just attracted to/or I attract guys with mental problems? Should I just start dating guys I’m not attracted to? Anyone else having this problem?
Single and Sick of it,
New York City

Best answer:

Answer by lacalledelapicara
NYC is full of nuts just like DC and the surrounding areas.
I suggest you move to another cleaner, saner part of the state where the people are more down to earth, the crime/disease rate is lower and the residents speak English as a first language.

PS The cost of living is also lower in other parts of the state

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