Marriage Counseling : Positive Ways to Handle Conflicts

A positive way to handle conflicts is by thinking of them as opportunities for improvement. Treat conflicts as instances in which a problem source has been identified, and follow the advice of a psychologist in this free video on marriage counseling. Expert: Reka Morvay Contact: Bio: Reka Morvay is a psychologist and doula with degrees from University of California, Berkeley and Cornell University. She also trained with the Hungarian Association of Cognitive and Behavior Therapy. Filmmaker: Paul Volniansky

Marriage & Family Counseling (CD’s + Workbook)

Marriage & Family Counseling (CD’s + Workbook)

Marriage and Family Counseling is one of the four audio courses available, taught both at churches and in the classroom at Biblical Counseling Center in Arlington Heights Illinois.

All courses are taught by BCC’s counseling/teaching staff, who are certified biblical counselers and hold advanced degrees in biblical counseling. Each teacher is an active member of a local Bible-believing church.

Marriage and Family Counseling covers the issues common in the family today. This course explores how the Bible should be the foundation in counseling the problems that marriages and families face.

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what else could we use besides marriage counseling to help fix our relationship?

Question by Ashlee B: what else could we use besides marriage counseling to help fix our relationship?
I cheated and he cant get past it. it has been over 2 years but he feels like i am not doing enough to make up for it. I don’t blame him. I need some advice! Marriage counseling the only option?

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Answer by frillyfroofroo
Marriage Encounter weekends, church seminars, and self-help books. If you cannot afford the marriage counseling, see if your minister will counsel you.

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U.S. Army Africa chaplains mentor in Namibia 06-2010

U.S. Army Africa chaplains mentor in Namibia 06-2010
marriage counseling
Image by US Army Africa

U.S. Army Africa chaplains mentor Namibian counterparts on HIV/AIDS counseling

By Rick Scavetta, U.S. Army Africa

VICENZA, Italy – When it comes to talking with military members and their families about facing terminal illness, the U.S. Army often relies upon the skills and training of its chaplains and enlisted chaplain’s assistants.

Recently, two U.S. Army Africa chaplains took their experience to Namibia, to share ideas with their counterparts within the Namibia Defence Force.

Lt. Col. Clyde Scott, U.S. Army Africa’s deputy command chaplain, and Maj. Allen Staley, plans and operations chaplain, spent a week in Windhoek, Namibia, where they led a seminar geared toward counseling military members and their families on the impact of HIV/AIDS. Twenty Namibians attended, to include five NDF chaplains, 14 NDF chaplain’s assistants and one prison chaplain.

“We covered numerous topics on the effects of dealing with AIDs related suffering and death,” Scott said. “It’s an important topic for chaplains to understand.”

The goal of the conference was to have Namibia’s chaplains discuss their roles in addressing HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention, Scott said.

It was also to have Namibia’s military take a closer look at the stigma caused by HIV/AIDS, ways to reduce discrimination, grief and trauma counseling and the importance of fidelity in marriages among Namibia’s diverse military.

The U.S. Army Africa chaplains provided their Namibian counterparts with materials and tools to use to create their own information events within their units and military communities. Discussions also focused on stress identification and management, post traumatic stress disorder, suicide awareness and spiritual resiliency.

“Namibian military chaplains are interested in strengthening their pastoral skills to deal with HIV/AIDS within their ranks,” Staley said. “They are eager to schedule follow up engagements to continue HIV/AIDS awareness education and find tools to better equip themselves in the fight against the disease.”

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Does marriage counseling help a marriage in trouble?

Question by ☆εЖ๑ℑi☪☆: Does marriage counseling help a marriage in trouble?
I just want to know about people’s different experiences with marriage counseling – did it help sort out you & your spouse’s differences, and was the marriage better eventually?

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Answer by Iluminati Hotti
It does for some and it doesnt for others.

Some things cant be fixed and sometimes people dont want to fix them even when they can be fixed.

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Movement for happiness launches in Britain

Movement for happiness launches in Britain
Is there a science of happiness?
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Sister Wives: What happens in Vegas…
After kind of a ho-hum family friendly episode last week, the Browns brought up the big issues of workplace discrimination, family dynamics, how their marriage affects children and what it means to live according to their beliefs. Plus, to top…
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Scientists ignore cultural barriers to find the cause of a rare disease
In a research collaboration blind to affairs of politics, ethnicity, and religion, an international team led by Israeli scientists has identified the genetic cause of a neurological disorder afflicting members of a Palestinian family.
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Harville Hendrix Couples Therapy Video

In this video clip, the founder of Imago Therapy, and one of the leading experts in couples therapy, Harville Hendrix, discusses a bold turn in the way we think about relationships. Hendrix asserts that because we are wounded in relationships, we must also heal through them, and introduces a new kind of dialogue to begin couples in this process.

The Top 10 Hidden Beliefs About Relationships And How To Stop Them From Poisoning Your Marriage

The Top 10 Hidden Beliefs About Relationships And How To Stop Them From Poisoning Your Marriage

Are These Dangerous Beliefs Poisoning Your Marriage?

– A relationship will only work with the right person…

– If a relationship is right, you shouldn’t have to work at it…

– If you really loved me, I wouldn’t have to tell you what I want…

– Falling out of love means the relationship is in trouble…

– You should always act on your feelings…

– My partner is responsible for how I feel…

And Much more!

Relationship coaches and marriage counselors Drs. Jonathan and Laurie Weiss have spent over 40 years studying, practicing and teaching relationship building skills.

They are internationally known coaches, consultants, psychotherapists, speakers and authors. They have presented their work throughout the US and thirteen other countries.

Married since 1960, they have been in practice since 1972. They focus on helping clients create dynamic, effective personal and working relationships.

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