FFF 2011 movie review: Wuss

FFF 2011 movie review: Wuss
Scrawny guy, picked on since high school, returns to teach at that school and learns to stand up for himself and eventually gets the girl. Pretty much the opposite of what happens in the unconventional “Wuss,” a convention-defying dark comedy of the sort you’ll only find at a film festival. Mitch (Nate Rudin) is a 20something […]
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Guin Saga Collection 1
Highly Recommended The Show: Guin Saga touts itself as a “Sweeping anime epic for the ages” and is “based on the multi-million dollar, best-selling Japanese novel series”, but I’ll be damned if I haven’t heard of it before. I’ve got my finger on the pulse of the anime community and there has been virtually no buzz on this series, either when it was aired in Japan or when it was announced for …
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Meester reveals her hopes for Gossip Girl
Actress Leighton Meester has revealed who she would like her ‘Gossip Girl’ character Blair to end up with. Warning: Spoiler Alert!
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Rants &; Raves- WrestleMania Pt. 2

Rants &; Raves- WrestleMania Pt. 2
Got alot to cover here. Going to throw in my thoughts on Mania, the following nights Raw, and the season premier of Tough Enough. So let’s get at it…..
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Beckhams ‘excited’ about royal wedding
Beckham made the comments on Heart radio, in an interview with fellow Spice Girl Emma Bunton. She said: “I think we’re both going to be there and we’re very, very excited.”
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‘Castle’ Recap: ‘Slice of Death’
Ellen Stodola This week on ‘Castle,’ a body is found in a pizza oven. A couple is hooking up in a pizza restaurant after hours. However, they smell something cooking. The man, whose father owns the pizza shop, opens the oven and finds a dead body burning. Alexis is noticeably upset. She tells Castle that for some reason one of her best friends uninvited her to her birthday party. Castle suggests …
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How does physical appearance of a guy/girl affects to be selected for the job?

Question by Anoymous: How does physical appearance of a guy/girl affects to be selected for the job?
i mean whether a guy looks affects or play any role in getting some job. like if he is tall and good looking. and also if he is waering 3 piece suit and same for teh girl..if she is beautiful…attractive, then chances of getting job is high, is that true? specially in canada or usa?..personal experience r encourage

Best answer:

Answer by wizzards_23
Well, recent studies show that thinner/prettier/handsomer people usually get the job. And depending on the industry, age discrimination plays into it also.

Three-piece suits are pretty much out for job interviews unless you’re applying for an attorney in a prestigious law firm.

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any awesome anime that’s romantic where the guy gets the girl?

Question by i-love-L: any awesome anime that’s romantic where the guy gets the girl?
it has to have the guy/girl get the guy/girl.
has to have romance (kissing, hugging, etc.)

i’ve already watched these anime so please don’t mention any of them:

peach girl
sailor moon
fushigi yuugi
vampire knight
ouran high school host club
marmalade boy
fruits basket
full moon wa sagashite
currently watching kaichou wa maid-sama
itazura na kiss
special A
bokura ga ita
lovely complex
skip beat
ayashi no ceres

now i’ll leave the rest to you guys.
toradora is on my list…

Best answer:

Answer by steven p
i would recommend Love Hina, didn’t see it in your list. its very funny and a great romance story with lots of twists in it. if you don’t mind the read, i recommend reading the manga instead as the story is much better as the anime doesn’t follow the original story as straight.

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Timeless Jang Ri In Xiah (2006)

Timeless Music Video Jang Ri Yin and Xiah Music Video starring: Hangeng ( Hankyung) and Siwon of Super Junior, and Lee Yeonhee To avoid confusion: This is the official SM Music Video for Jang Ri-In and Xiah’s (From DBSK) remake of the song Timeless. There are two MV parts to this song. This is PART 2. (part one is here www.youtube.com ) www.youtube.com This is only a Music Video, not a movie or drama! Storyline: Siwon (the black hair guy) gets a heart transplant. He begins to have side effects. He gets flashes of memories of the flower shop girl but he doesnt know why. later he sees a picture of the girl and a familiar guy. Siwon remembers in the past the cop that he shot when he was holding a girl hostage. It turns out it was the flowershop girl. Siwon searches the hospital records and finds out that the donated heard belonged to the cop. watch Timeless video 1 for more on this story. and watch Left shore of Happyness video for related storylines. Lyric Translation credit to aheeyah.com No, you cant let go of me Stay right here even though it’s hard for you If I can see you for a bit longer Ill attempt to laugh with the amount of love that is left Timeless, its not a parting If its once in a lifetime, its us Hold tight baby Timeless, bury it in this heart Like a painful fever it will hurt for only a second, we both agree this is timeless, love Although the world may all leave Will it take the sadness along with it I miss it when you used to call me again Only the pain
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Usually movies have the guy getting the girl. What about any movies where the girl gets the guy?

Question by Jorge J: Usually movies have the guy getting the girl. What about any movies where the girl gets the guy?
Anybody know of any movie(s) where the girl gets the guy?

Best answer:

Answer by David S
I honestly don’t watch any, but I can guaran-damn-tee you any movie with Hilary Duff.

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A difficult subject, period

A difficult subject, period
As a woman I have never been more offended. It was the last thing I expected see in a nightclub in Rome. At first I could not make out what the guy was weraing, it looked like a toga with a few splotches of red dye.
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Pooja Bedi’s tryst with an Egyptian princess
Pooja Bedi returns to Telugu cinema after two decades.
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A difficult subject, period
THE biggest contributing factor to making blokes a bit strange talking aloud about periods is the cringe-worthy advertising you see for tampons and pads.
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TheDC Interview: ‘Raising Righteous and Rowdy Girls’ author Doug Giles

TheDC Interview: ‘Raising Righteous and Rowdy Girls’ author Doug Giles
Like most parents, Clash Radio host and Townhall.com columnist, Doug Giles is proud of his children. His daughter Hannah helped take down ACORN in 2009, when she partnered up with James O’Keefe to produce revealing undercover videos. Giles’ other daughter Regis started the campaign “Girls Just Wanna Have Guns,” which, among other things, aims to instruct young women on how to protect and defend …
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Jake Gyllenhaal plays two roles in ‘Source Code’
In the new science-fiction time-travel thriller “Source Code,” which opens Friday, Jake Gyllenhaal gets to play two roles: a pilot in Afghanistan and a train passenger in Chicago named Sean.
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UPI Thoroughbred Racing Roundup
By ROBERT KIECKHEFER UPI Racing Writer Wrap-up of thoroughbred stakes action.
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