Your Outgoing Y&H Answers the Tough Questions

Your Outgoing Y&H Answers the Tough Questions
One of the first things the editor asked me to do when I was hired here in 2006 was host an online chat. Five years later, as I leave Washington City Paper , I realize that I never conducted a single chat. Not one. It’s one of the great failures of my tenure at the paper.
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Tell Me About It: Relatives split over their living together
Question: My boyfriend and I have been dating for five years. He bought a house in June. Last weekend, he proposed to me, and we plan to get married next year.
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Flavor of the Week: The Tester Bar
Late one night, while checking my messages on OKCupid—the latest in a string of online dating sites I’ve used since moving to Manhattan in 2002— dr_spengler chatted me. We engaged in mindless banter about Scrabble strategies for less than three minutes before I announced my decision to sign off.
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