Your Online Dating Profile – Get It Right – The First Time!

Your Online Dating Profile – Get It Right – The First Time!

Your Online Dating Profile – Get It Right – The First Time!

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Home Page > Relationships > Dating > Your Online Dating Profile – Get It Right – The First Time!

Your Online Dating Profile – Get It Right – The First Time!

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Posted: Apr 12, 2010 |Comments: 0



Have you been trying to find a date with an online dating site but have had little luck in the online land of love? Well this could be because you have made vital mistakes when compiling your dating profile and I am going to tell you what those mistakes are. If you have an online dating profile it is important to avoid these mistakes if you are truly looking for love.

First things first! It is crucial that you use a picture of yourself. I know this should go without saying but unfortunately there are people out there that will use someone else’s photo on their profile. This is not going to help you find love. If you start off lying to the other person they are not going to be too open to the idea of a second date.

I would be surprised if they even went through with the first one once they realized you lied about what you looked like. You also want to avoid using pictures of yourself when you were younger, thinner and buffer. If you plan on meeting someone online then be truthful about yourself. Put yourself in your date’s shoes, how would you like it if you agreed to date someone you met online and their picture was taken ten years ago, I think you would be disappointed with the actual real life result.

Dating websites have a component many people do not consider when they join. Online dating chat rooms allow other members to see you on live video, and in real time, so don’t bother wasting people’s time by posting a picture of someone else on your profile in order to attract more attention. You are only setting yourself up for rejection. And besides, this kind of behaviour gives online dating a bad name.

Online dating can be a wonderful experience when people are honest. You should not want to meet someone that would not be attracted to a recent photo of you. If you can only get someone to go out with you because they think you look different then that person is not for you.

Another big mistake people make on their dating profile is saying mean and hateful things about race, gender, and ethnicity. You do not want to come across as a mean or hateful person. Even if you are simply trying to be funny do not put offensive remarks on your dating profile.

No one is attracted to a hateful person. You also want to avoid telling too much about yourself. It is important to be honest on your profile but do not over share. For instance rambling on about your last relationship or talking about your ex can turn people off quickly.

You also want to leave out any stories in which you are being violent, having sex, or getting arrested. You may find these stories amusing but most people will not. The worse mistake you can make on your dating profile is not being honest about yourself. Do not lie about your weight, height, age, gender, or income.

Do not put on your profile that you are six foot tall when you are only 5’6. When you meet someone they will realize that you are not six feet tall. If you are a construction worker do not put on your profile that you own a construction company. Be honest because if you meet someone having told all of these lies you will never find true love.

If you are seriously considering taking your love hunt online, visit our singles chat sites today and see what it’s all about.

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About the Author:

Matt Fuller provides article services for various internet dating sites . Matt is also an online moderator for numerous American chat rooms and has been involved in the online dating industry for ten years.


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