Wrap up an artistic experience

Wrap up an artistic experience
While it’s a little presumptuous to enroll someone in an ongoing class as a holiday gift — unless it’s something specified on a wish list — a gift certificate for a one-off creative workshop is something that can fit into most anyone’s schedule.
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End of story for reporter Brenda Starr on Jan. 2
CHICAGO — It’s been a tough time of late for adventurous redheads on the comics pages. Little Orphan Annie ran out of tomorrows six months ago. Now, the deadline is fast approaching for reporter Brenda Starr’s final edition. After one last office holiday party on Jan. 2, the seven-day-a-week “Brenda Starr, Reporter” will go the way of the Teletype.
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Baltimore wire firm thrives in troubled economy
“It’s like shipping ice to Eskimos,” Drew Greenblatt exclaimed, standing in the middle of his factory floor in Baltimore. Mr. Greenblatt, president of Marlin Steel Wire Products LLC, was pointing to a stack of boxes stamped with the American flag. Within hours, they’ll be on their way …
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