Women, online dating and playing hard to get?

Question by roll ova rova: Women, online dating and playing hard to get?
If a women reads my message, looks at my profile and doesn’t respond; most would say “NOT INTERESTED, DUH.” but some women play hard to get and after some chasing they answer back as if she was replying to the 1st message instead of the 3rd or 4th.

Am I right to say that a look (or no look if she’s hard-core hard to get tease) without a reply does not necessarily mean NOT INTERESTED, but COULD mean I WANT YOU TO CHASE ME FOR A BIT.

Yes no? maybe? I dont know. Can you repeat the question…
Oh yea, I keep emailing until they either coe out of their shell or tell me to piss off…only way to know for sure, just because you dont catch fish the 1st time in that sea, doesnt mean you wont catch ever.
OH YEA, I must clarify that I dont expect INSTANT reply, we all have lives. But how long does it take to think of a reply? days? SERIOUSLY! LOL!

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Answer by Patient Chicken
Huh??If a man is patient then he’ll eventually get to know me.Eventually.

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