women have more sex partners dating experience than majority of the men?

Question by : women have more sex partners dating experience than majority of the men?
think some women here believe men always can lower there standards and get a date. that is not true. it doesnt work. now if i say i lowered my standards,they would say y did u lower ur standards.if i dont lower my standards n cant get a date, women will say u should lower ur standards.sex n dating comes easy to women and few men.20% guys sleeping with 80% women. 90% guys chasing 10% women. there was a blog of this irish american girl who went to japan for 1year teaching assignment.when she arrived to japan,they advised her usually the american women leave within 6months. this woman was 28,single,pretty,educated.she began to noticed that no Japanese men would talk to her nor approach her. after a month,she began to ask for directions in english,even though she was fluent in japanese.the japanese men would not even look at her. give her directions n move.she mentioned about going to bars,clubs by herself. dancing in the middle of the dancefloor to get some attention but nothing.she changed her clothing style but nothing. went out with other teachers,but men were just not interested in her. after 9 months she left japan and came back to the US.once she came back, she had no problem picking n choosing guys to date from.the point is that there r some men, who have no choices in dating.some men r good looking, great personality,great jobs, but women dont give them the time or day.ofcourse some women would not agree that is possible.guys r not picky as women. if u take a 100 women and 100 men with avg looks, i bet the women will have more sexual and dating experience than majority of the men. there will be 2 out of 100 men that have had more dating n sexual experience than women. like i said most women will not agree,but how many women u know that r still 30year old virgins who never had a choice??women r single by choice. most men r not single by choice. few men who are good in communicating with women have choices. only few men are born with understanding the female and most are not.

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