Will a white man…especially english man and an american man mind dating an indian woman?

Question by sweet heart: Will a white man…especially english man and an american man mind dating an indian woman?
I know this question has been raised manier times. i would be asking this again as i have a lot of interest about this topic. my question to all english men and american men, what do you think about an indian woman? would you mind taking her on a date? hello.. my name is suniti and this is my best friend’s yahoo account… i am using her account with her permission.. cause i don’t have one.. i would ask you the same question mentioned above.. and i have a huge interest in dating a white man as i feel they are much more caring, passionate and romantic than compared to an indian man. generally white men think that our parents are very strict .. yes that’s true.. but i have no such problem.. i come from a liberal family.. my parents won’t mind me dating or marrying a white man..
generally there are two types of indian women .. 1 is the fair skin, cute look and the 2nd is the dark look..

No. 1)


No. 2 )


which one do you like the most out of these two? which one do you like to take on a date?
by the way i exactly look like the first picture given above

please mention that you belong to which country and no offensive comments please.. i want a lot of people to response.. please as early as possible.. i am very eager to know…

Regards- Suniti
apart from english men and american men any white man can answer.. i have no problem… please i need more and more answers..
well, thank you so much .. i am talking to the german guy and also to the rest of the guys .. thanks a lot… i was a bit worried cause i have never dated one.. i fear to talk to them as i feel if they turn my request down .. i will be hurt…. for the german guy again (yes, i exactly look like the first girl.. most of my friends tell me so and i also feel the same)

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Answer by anaya garcia
Apka koi saif Ali khan jaisa dikne wala koi bf nehi hain kya? Preity aur saif bohot achhe laagte hain saath mein.

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