why would my boyfriend join sleazy dating websites?

Question by Chandra: why would my boyfriend join sleazy dating websites?
He says he’s happy with me and loves me. It doesn’t seen like he Is cheating on me but I keep finding out that he is a member of these super sleazy dating websites. Why would he do this?
He says that they are from before we met but it seems like he looks at them from time to time. He doesn’t appear to be actually talking to anyone in them. But on some of them he rates other girls.

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Answer by ThatGurl
He’s insecure and just likes to see if there are people other than you who are attracted to him. Pure insecurity. Now that being said….it is WRONG. He needs to find another way to fight that battle within because even tho it starts on the internet, it can very well lead to other things. I wouldn’t stand for it if I were you

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