Why Women Date Bad Boys And Marry Nice Guys

www.pimpyourlingo.com – Learn how to be a nice guy and still get women =) I know its hard to hear that women are really attracted to “Bad Boys” and ignore the “Nice Guys”. Its royally sucks! Now we could all get angry and frustrated about and complain about how women are so confusing, really stupid and just way too complicated. But really, is that going to help you get more women, to successfully interact with women and get them to be attracted to you, to talk to you, to give you their number? If you guys are ready and willing, there is a whole dating game that is being played out there, and its about time that you learn the rules! affiliates.hottopicmedia.com Like I have mentioned before, I highly recommend the E-book David Deangelo’s “Double Your Dating” ….. It was one of the easiest and funniest reads about dating and attraction I have read to this date, with simple and applicable ideas and concepts that will help you understand women and help you understand attraction. The only reason I got my hands on this book, is because my brother actually bought it … and I ended up being the one that read it. It literally took me an hour. I could not stop reading it. It opened my eyes as to why I was attracted to men I had been in the past. As a girl it helped me understand attraction enormously. And as a guy, I can only imagine, how much it will be able to open your eyes and help you in the process. Here is the link www.doubleyourdating.com Or you can simply get the book
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