Why Women Are So Desperate These Days

Why Women Are So Desperate These Days


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Why Women Are So DESPERATE These Days


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Why Women Are So DESPERATE These Days
>NOTE: If you’re REALLY interested in learning how
to meet women and get numbers, emails, and DATES
quickly… then go take a look at THIS:
ok here is the deal…
I’m 23, 5’7″  and a relatively good looking and
successful fashion designer. i don’t date to much,
and because of my usually respectful mannerism i
don’t get laid too often and usually end up in
that “gay friend” category.
but I’ve kinda got my eye on a cutie who works at
a trendy clothing store in my hood. it initially
was one of those things where we shared a glace
and did the whole “eye ball sex” thing the first
time i came into the shop. i frequent this store
regularly to help promote and do some p.r. for a
club night my friends are doing, (not to mention
check out the… uh… merchandise?) so i have
actually spoke to her and got her name and even
convinced her to come out to the club a few times
(on my guest list of course).
the thing is I’m not very comfortable about
“macking” girls in clubs and try to avoid it at
all costs, so my question is how do i go from
cheezy promoter guy dropping off flyers and free
passes, to say… getting her to come watch
“videos” at my place or even just a phone # for
that matter?
giving me a way to find out if she is single would
be cool too…”
   I’ve included your letter for a couple of
reasons. First, because I want other guys to see
that just because you’re a young, successful guy
that works in two fields which should naturally
lead you to be a BABE MAGNET, it always takes more
than just a situation… it takes skills and
knowledge as well.
   And secondly, I want to answer your question
because I believe that there are many guys out
there who come into contact with lots of women and
would like to know how to capitalize on their good
   Here’s what to do:
   The easiest thing in the world to do in your
current situation is to say, “Hey, do you have
   Most people do and if she says yes, just pull
out a piece of paper and have her write it down.
And, WHILE SHE’S WRITING say, “And write your
number down there too.” This is one of my favorite
one-two combinations.
   Then, the next day, send her an email and tell
her that she should get together with you for a
cup of tea and some stimulating conversation. This
is both easy and charming, and it works like,
well… a charm.
   And for heaven’s sake man, start getting the
email and digits from the – probably – MILLIONS OF
BABES that you meet in the fashion industry and
while promoting clubs. Heck, if you don’t want
them, send them to me.
I’m sure you’ll find this interesting Dave.
There’s a girl I liked a while back. Her and I
dated for a few weeks, and then she started
backing out. Less communication, avoiding the
“alone time” etc. Well, that confused the hell out
of me because I didn’t see it coming, nor did I
know what was going on in her head. I did get
frustrated, but I dealt with it, and moved on. But
before I moved on, I told her very friendly, “I
know you don’t want to continue dating, but you
know that we’re still friends… ” So we had a
nice talk and stuck to friendship. Still wondering
why it broke off between us, I came across your
book. After I read it, I became “enlightened” as
to what happened. Let’s just say I read about the
“needy” guy, and cringed. I came on too strong to
her. It’s like putting on a lot of cologne… no
matter how good the smell is, too much stinks.
Well, after being “enlightened,” I decided to try
a few of your concepts on her. I will honestly
tell you that she’s all over me now. (all over).
Anyways, I’m known for never finishing books, but
yours I’ve read about 3 times now. Waiting for a
new publication…”
   Ah, yes. Isn’t it wonderful when you realize
how the psychology works?
Hi Dave!
I enjoy reading your writing.
I dated a lot and fooled around quite a few, but I
have fallen for this girl, and I made a mistake by
telling her, not once but twice, how much I feel
for and want her before she revealed her feeling
toward me. Consequently she told me later on that
she would like to do casual dating with me.  And
recently I found out that she is seeing two or
three other guys simultaneously.  GUYS OUT THERE,
Having recognized my error and conceded defeat, I
want to cut my loss by telling her this weekend in
a face to face meeting that I don’t want to see
her any longer. But I can’t forget her and keep
wondering if I should make one more effort to win
her back. I guess I am a regular human being,
suffering from loss of her love.
Should I change my mind, what techniques can I use
to win her back?
Or I should simply walk away from her and forget
everything about her?
Your advice would be greatly appreciated.
   Well, I’m glad that you’ve realized your
   Too often, we men find a particularly
interesting woman and then come to the logical
This is a success story. Your success, not mine.
And I need your help. I really doubt that anybody
else can help me. This is the story. I am a woman.
I am absolutely agreed with every word you say
about dating, phone number and email, cocky/funny
attitude, phone calls, and kiss. Everything you
say is right. Beside this talent you have very
unique quality: you can see the persons problem
from few sentences. Now I need you to tell me what
is my problem. I am immigrant from Russia living
in Canada. I am at my latest 20 and I’m quite
attractive and I want to have a boyfriend. I am
not the person who settles for less. . I have no
problem to get a date. I have a problem to get the
second one with the guy I like. I know all mind
games including “I’m so Hard To Get and Busy” and
“Oh I’m so helpless”. To meet a guy is not a
problem, but, very few of my dates are cocky &
funny guys. And that is what I like. Now tell me:
what do you cocky-funny guys look for? What makes
you call back second, third and twenty-third time.
I am not asking for an answer like: wash your
hair, offer to split the bill and be adventurous,
I know all this from Cosmo. There is something
bigger then this, something that North American
girls learn at their very yang age and it is so
simple so nobody talks about it. Tell me what is
it that attracts cocky-funny guys.  I really need
to know. Thanks.
Russian women who are looking for cocky & funny
guys. There is no charge for your initial
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yo David!
this is the greatest stuff i have ever seen. its
soooooo easy and yet, until it dawns on you, it
seems frustrating. all you nice guys know what I’m
talking about…no sex? girls don’t call back?
LISTEN to DAVID!! its the simplest formula in the
world. here it is again for the millionth time…
forget all that gadget crap, mind “tricks” and
palmistry (don’t get me wrong, each CAN be
effective…) it makes absolutely NO DIFFERENCE
what you do, its the cocky, funny way you do it!
be confident! go up to some girls and say sup
girls, ask their names, then look at the hottest
one and say ARE YOU TRYING TO PICK ME UP???!!!!
hahaha and just keep teasing, making the frame
that she wants you, and BE SURE TO TELL HER YOU
KNOW SHE WANTS YOU!!!! trust me on this, when you
see her face light up with a smile, it will be
time, young grasshopper, to become a real LADIES
MAN!!! peace, may the CF be with you…
   You know, you’d make a great walking billboard
for my… well…
   The problem is that you sound like a late night
infomercial and I don’t think anyone would believe
You are a wise man.
I feel the truth in your words.
I want to implement the techniques that you speak
of, I do, I REALLY do. But it seems that when I
come in contact with women that I think are
attractive, I  can’t, or more precisely, I don’t.
I think I’m afraid of rejection.
If I ask a woman for her number within three
minutes, I just can’t see her giving it to me.
And if she did, I wouldn’t know when to call her
(I’m thinking of the 2 day rule from “Swingers”)
or if I should call her at all and just keep
retreating (a la “Tao of Steve”)
Do you subscribe to the theories presented in
these films and do you teach a class?
If yes where do I sign up?
   I understand where you’re coming from…
   I would NEVER have believed that a woman would
give out her number to a complete stranger in 2 or
   When she says “Yes”, just take out a pen