Why is flexibility important to physical fitness?

Question by jasmine: Why is flexibility important to physical fitness?
I am a very good athlete, and recently took the Presidential Challenge. I passed Presidential (better than 85%) with ease on every single test and finally took the flexibility test. I didn’t even get the National level (better than 50%) on that. I’m clearly pretty angry because now I can’t get any kind of award. My question is, why is flexibility important? What does it have to do with my overall physical fitness, because I play sports year round and it never seems to interfere. Also, how can I become more flexible? I’m only a few centimeters off.

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Answer by Michael
Flexibility is extremely beneficial to your health.

The most important attribute to flexibility is that you are less prone to injury. It will also help you in all aspects of fitness as well, and not just being able to touch your toes.

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