Why Get Crushed by the Divorce “Financial Tsunami” When You Can Quickly Prepare to End it With Money in Your Pocket?


Dr. Judith Gerhart

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) July 31, 2008

Divorce instigates financial and personal changes that dramatically impact your life. Whether you planned or it came as a surprise, you need support to overcome the incredible challenges.

Divorce sets its own rules. If you want to do it amicably, you can. So why do so many seldom prepare for this reality when half of all marriages end? “Answering that essential question is why I created DivorceMyWay.com,” says Judith Gerhart.

Dr. Judith Gerhart recognized the need for divorcing people to have financial issues clarified before, or at least during the process. After redirecting a client’s divorce settlement agreement and saving the client ,000 in taxes, she realized that the key is directing people out of destroying each other’s lives.

Dr. Gerhart decided to become a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst to help people not suffer horrendously inadequate settlements in part due to an attorney’s lack of financial expertise and founded DivorceMyWay.com.

Benefits of DivorceMyWay.com are the ability to anonymously:

        Participate in Live Phone Classes

        Listen to Inspiring Stories in Special Audios

        Get Answers to Your Common Questions

        Participate in Interactive Study Groups

        Discover the small library of articles to help you do it right

Divorce transformations are daunting. Most people choose to follow the Attorney’s Way – often unknowingly leading to destructive, combative results. By taking a moment to prepare, DivorceMyWay.com helps you know the choices and clear up the financial hurdles so you can get back to healing your heart instead of being crushed by the financial tsunami.

Go to Divorce My Way for help. Take charge of your future.