Why gay men act like that in gay chatroom?

Question by MFD: Why gay men act like that in gay chatroom?
They are not looking for love.

They were scrolling, call me, call me, call me.
Others… scrolling porn website

Who is bott** or to*

They really act like who*es?

Is it okay to ask this question, monitors?

Anyway, many of them are married… they act like real husband and father… with dark dark secrets…

I am really scare of men. That is why I won’t date men… they are really creepy.
even some men are like Eliot Spitzer.

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Answer by ♪Trumpet ♥ Lover♪
It’s like that on all chat rooms. Not just gay ones. It’s pretty sad that the only experience you have of men is on creepy chat rooms. Maybe get out of the house once and a while.

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