Why do some men drink like girls?

Question by Steadfast: Why do some men drink like girls?
Too many men these days drink like the cast of Sex and the City.
A spritz of this and a spritz of that, you might as well get your fix at Jamba Juice.
Going to the bar used to mean getting a stiff drink and letting the alcohol linger — it was a single malt Scotch, an Irish whisky or bourbon.
You knew what you drank, and you knew the only kicker was a splash of soda or a couple cubes of ice. When you were at the office, you didn’t complain over a cup of coffee, you pulled the bottle of the Glenlivet from under the desk. It was never for the sake of getting drunk, but because you knew the day would be so much better after those few sips.

That’s how a real man should drink.

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Answer by Jessica L
Guys with class know about all kinds of drinks…..thats why they get all the hot women….u prob wouldn’t know the difference because you’ve been drinking at work all day.mmmmmk!

Put that in your shot glass and chug it!

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