Why do Italian Catholic Parents not approve of Single Mom?

Question by singlemama: Why do Italian Catholic Parents not approve of Single Mom?
A few months ago I reconnected with a high school classmate and we have been attached at the hip ever since we talked the first night. I am a single mom with a beautiful 2 yo daughter who is my life. Her father left me when I was 4 months pregnant and I have been doing it all on my own ever since. This is my first relationship since my ex left and I feel such a deep connection with my boyfriend that I don’t want to lose him.
He comes from an Italian Catholic family and he is very close to his parents. Since it was still early in the relationship, he hadn’t told his parents about me and my daughter. This past Sunday, his older brother announced it at their dinner table. Ever since then, his parents have given him the cold shoulder and refuse to talk to him. Now he feels that he needs to choose between his family and me. I don’t want him to have to choose but I don’t want to lose this amazing man. I really don’t understand why people would judge me for my situation instead of meeting me first. I know that Catholics are very religious (I was married to an Irish Catholic man whose parents are very devout) but can they be so ignorant that they can’t accept real life situations?
So then do I just walk away and lose someone important to me or do I try and get him to talk to his parents and work on this like mature adults?
I am divorced from the Irish Catholic man and have been for 7 years because he came out that he was gay. The man who is the father of my child was my ex boyfriend that I lived with for 2 years before he upped and left.

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Answer by Karl P
Because ‘they’ have never ‘walked a mile in her shoes’. Period!

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