Why Black Men Are Dating Other Races Pt. 1 -GurlTalkkTV

This special series explores some of the reasons why black men are beginning to date outside their race more frequently. Please remember that it is all perspective and there is no true right or wrong answer to this ever growing phenomenon. Interracial dating is defined as marriage or sexual relations between individuals of different races. According to the US Census, in 2000 there were 1432908 Hispanic Origin-white marriages.[18] , 504119 Asian-white marriages, 287576 black-white marriages, 97822 Hispanic Origin-black marriages, 40317 Asian-Hispanic Origin[19] marriages, and 31271 Asian-black marriages. Today the vast majority of African-Americans possess varying degrees of European and Native American admixture; some estimates put average African-American possession of European admixture at 25% with figures as high as 50% in the Northeast and less than 10% in the south. A recent study by Mark D. Shriver of a European-American sample found that the average admixture in the white population is 0.7% African and 3.2% Native American. However, 70% of the sample had no African admixture. The other 30% had African admixture ranging from 2% to 20% with an average of 2.3%. By extrapolating these figures to the whole population some scholars suggest that up to 74 million European-Americans may have African admixture in the same range (2-20%).

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