Why are women on online dating sites so cold?

Question by sportguy: Why are women on online dating sites so cold?
I’m a guy who has been using sites like match, plenty of fish, and chemistry for a while. One thing I have noticed is that 98% of the females never respond to ANYTHING (winks, IM’s, emails, whatever). Now, I’m not Brad Pitt, though, I’m told by many women in real life that I’m a good looking guy. And, I have been in plenty of relationships, but have not found the “right one” yet. So I thought I would give online a try. I’ve been on a few dates, but mostly with women who either live too far away, or who don’t want the same things in life as I do. Although most of these dates seemed like nice people.

My question is, are women on these sites serious about meeting guys, or are they just on there to see what/who is out there? I ask this because almost all my single guy friends notice the same trend. You try to make contact with a women and get nothing for a response. I mean, not even the common decency to say “no thanks”, or “sorry, not interested”, just completely ignored! It seems no matter how nice of a guy you are, how clever your profile, how good your pics are, you get few responses. I do get emails from women from time to time, even hot women, so I know I’m not ugly! But why is it that more people on these sites taking meeting people more seriously? It is pretty sad how superficial online dating is. It seems it is all about photos and headlines, and not very much about the type of person you are or what is in your profile. I don’t get it! In everyday/real life I talk to good looking women and even today had a beautiful woman tell me if she wasn’t married she would like do something with me. Why don’t more women who are like her online ake even the slightest interest?

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Answer by Advocate Mehehe
Man, I feel you. I’ve had the same problems, write a friendly hello and lucky to get a response of any kind, then if you can get some responses they’re super short one word responses…I think it may be that girls thing online guys are just creepers and don’t want to meet anybody online which makes it dumb to join an online dating website…Girls, any response as to why a nice, good looking guy can’t even get response?

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