Why are there so many single women

SOLUTION: Create mentor programs for girls that teach them how to select proper dates and mates. Start the girls in these programs at 10 years old. PROBLEM: There are so many Single (American, Black American—it’s really not about race at this point on this one particular issue but you can’t tell some people that) women because of 1) Casual sex a) no incentive b) if not you, she will 2) Past mistakes a) jaded/scared/scarred b) other people’s kids 3) Feminism a) female supremacy b) female ego does not accept correction c) picky/unrealistic today = alone tomorrow 4) Waiting too late to get serious a) women must marry before 25 or it gets hard b) women must marry before 30 or it gets serious c) women must marry before 40 or it is impossible d) women’s fertility dives after 30 years old e) women think they have more time than they really do Should single women not have kids if they have no man? I say NO! They are not thinking about the sons they may have and how hard it is to be a single mother! Single men because they have to deal with single women a) men give up and don’t want the drama b) feminism effects on women c) men think they should not be aggressive out of respect for women’s independence
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