Who plays more double standards when it comes to dating? Men or Women?

Question by Hunger Unites: Who plays more double standards when it comes to dating? Men or Women?
I say women hands down (I’m a guy)

Guy cheats: he’s a dog
Girl cheats: It’s somehow the guys fault and it’s just the girl expressing her sexuality. (oh and if we don’t forgive it’s because we’re some how insecure)

Guy lies: He’s an a**hole
Girl lies: Girls all need to tell a little lie now and then

Guy has secrets: He’s not letting you into his life and is avoiding commitment
Girl has secrets: Every woman has the right to her own life and secrets and men should respect that space if they really love them

Guy goes out with his guy friends: He’s neglecting you and probably out looking for a side piece of a**
Girl goes out with her girl friends: She’s maintaining her autonomy and if you’re bothered by a little flirting and grinding in a club it’s cause you’re weak as a man.

Guy looks for curves and big breasts: He’s a superficial animal
Girl looks for a big **** and a fat wallet: She’s a strong woman who knows what she wants and goes after it.

Then people wonder why so many guys look for sluts who don’t mean anything.
Audrey – Girls do the same thing.
Guy sleeps with 10 girls: he’s a slut
Girl sleeps with 10 girls: She’s enjoying her youth.

Also I’ve NEVER heard of anyone calling a girl a slut for sleeping with one guy. Try again.
♥♥♥ – let me guess… you live in suburbia and probably a kid right?
Why have all three defenses for girls been that a girl can’t have as many partners? So because of that they’re allowed to be the emotional train wrecks they’ve become?
Julie – Screw me? No…. phuck you.
You’re the fourth girl here who can only use the “sleep with guys and be called a slut” defense. I don’t even seeing my guy friends with more than one girl. Do you secretly want to sleep around? Go ahead just have the decency to tell you’re boyfriend you’re doing it. Now address my other points.
Julie – and you’re using MUSIC VIDEOS as an example? are you kidding me?

Best answer:

Answer by Audrey

A guy sleeps with 5 girls, he’s a legend. A girl sleeps with 1 guy, she’s a sIut. Plus, most men cheat. Men are PIGS.

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