Who Needs Dating Agencies and What They Do?

Who Needs Dating Agencies and What They Do?

Who Needs Dating Agencies and What They Do?

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Home Page > Relationships > Dating > Who Needs Dating Agencies and What They Do?

Who Needs Dating Agencies and What They Do?

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Posted: Sep 06, 2006 |Comments: 0
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Who needs dating agencies? Pretty much anyone who is bored with dating, done wasting time spending a whole evening with someone you dont even know on the off chance youll have something in common, if you are divorced or have kids or an intense job: you need a dating agency.

If you are busy and dont have time to take community college courses or hang out at the park and hope that you run into your life long soul mate, you need a dating agency. If you refuse to go on even one more blind date set up by your happily married friends, your worried great aunt, or people you know from church you need a dating agency.

People with difficult schedules and long hours like hospital staff or rigorous training schedules like athletes or anyone with small children knows how difficult it is to find the time to date. A dating agency allows you to, in essence, to date from home by perusing the profiles of potential matches. It is the equivalent of a first meeting, a handshake and a little conversation over coffee, but it only takes about five minutes. Even better, you can check out your potential matches whenever it is convenient for you: at 8:00 AM after you get home from the graveyard shift, at 11:30 PM when the kids are finally asleep or at 6:00 AM before your sunrise jog.

Convenience and possibility: anyone who needs these two things in their romantic lives needs a dating agency.

Dating agencies, especially online dating agencies, are a great way for people who are busy with work and busy lives to meet new people. When you were younger you had school, sports teams, parties, dorms, fraternities and sororities, games, the neighborhood swimming pool and more all serving to bring you and a potential date together. Dating agencies werent even a blip on your screen then.

As we get older, we settle into our careers and work. Some of us have kids, get married and then divorced. Whether you are dating again or still you could probably use a hand meeting someone interesting instead of just someone available.

Dating agencies take the blind out of dating. Most have a very detailed questionnaire that you fill out that offers you an opportunity to spell out your likes, dislikes, characteristics, spiritual beliefs, goals, and even upload a picture. Before you ever meet in person, you can email each other or talk on the phone. No more wasted first dates where you wish you were home in your slippers before the appetizers are served.

Everything is completely safe and secure with dating agencies. You dont have to upload a photo if you dont want to. You choose how much personal information you disclose and when. All you have to do is answer your questions honestly. There is no pressure about what some mysterious someone may or may not be looking for, because someone else is filling out a form requesting to meet someone exactly like you.

Dating agencies streamline your dating process by matching you with people who suit you, have similar interests, and are searching for a person exactly like you.

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George Wood
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