Which would be better to specialise in? Fine art or illustration?

Question by sam: Which would be better to specialise in? Fine art or illustration?
Hi, I’m at College and I’m doing an art foundation course- which means that in the first term we get to experiment with different kinds of artistic approaches such as sculpture, painting and textiles. It’s got to the point now where we have to choose what to specialise in. And I’m torn between fine art and illustration :/ so far i’m not sure about the kind of brief you have to stick with when you do an illustrative course, and i prefer the way you have to approach fine art briefs more. However even though I primarily paint and work in an illustrative way and do use photoshop often I prefer a fine art approach- working more with feelings etc but my art has an “illustrative” style to it. Has anyone studied either fine art or illustration at college and uni and which would you suggest is most suitable for me? It would be good if you could just tell me about your experience studying fine art or illustration. I’ve already spoken to a teacher at college who studied illustration and he said a lot of fine artists end up working as illustrators anyway.
Thanks Beyond Mordant.. and yes thats the sort of thing im aiming for, and I have considered how I’m going to have to make money 😛 I’ll always have photography for that until I can be selfsufficiant with art. I’m just wondering what would be more appropriate to study- illustration or fine art?

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Answer by Beyond Mordant
Have you ever seen the work of Frank Frazetta…fine art as Illustration. Learn the commercial techniques to keep food on the table while you break into the fine art realm.

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