Where/how can I help single parents??? (in New York City)?

Question by HONEY: Where/how can I help single parents??? (in New York City)?
I’m only 23 and not rich myself. But I thought..at least I have my bf and we are “managing” thru this economy. Neither one of us have a degree or even a stable job but we are making it.
I was thinking the other day, I know people say single parents can get assistance, but the truth is, there are many of them who don’t qualify simply because they are in the “middle”. They actually want to further themselves and make what the gov’t calls “too much money”..when in reality we all can see it’s hardly enough to keep them above the poverty line.
I feel bad for single parents because many men and women have simply had their partners leave them and they are trying to do the righteous thing and support themselves and their children.
Soo….does anyone know how I can help those “in between” parents…or even the ones who are on welfare but are desperate to get off it and onto their feet. I live in NYC, so if you have any ideas that even relate to this I would love to know. 🙂

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Answer by LJ
While I don’t have specific suggestions, why don’t you try contacting the Children’s Aid Society?

They would probably have some good ideas of what you can do to help. Perhaps they even have a program that would allow you to volunteer some time (and/or perhaps some money.)

I think it is wonderful that you want to help. I hope you find a way to do so.

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