where can i get free divorce advice?

Question by ncarolina: where can i get free divorce advice?
i have some basic questions that i need help with about filing my own divorce. like do i need to fill out the part about support if i just want to continue the order that we have now and when do i need to file the fee waiver (with the divorce papers or before?) is there any websites that can help that i don’t have to pay $ 30 a question for?

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Answer by krismiss2us
Most counties have websites with links. The fee waiver paperwork usually goes iwth the divorce papers, but call the court clerk to find out for sure. Also the county court websites sometimes have forms on line that you can download and fill out yourself. If there’s a section on support, you can usually put in that you already have an agreement or you can just put down the amount that you two have already been using.

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