Where can a divorced women with kids meet a decent guy?

Question by MrJohnson: Where can a divorced women with kids meet a decent guy?
I divorced two years ago had have a pistol of a time meeting decent men. Sometimes i think it’s because I live in a blue-collar suburban area. The men are dumb, sexist, and boring.
Either they are married, cheating, and out for one thing,
or old and wreched. And please don’t mention work or church groups. I work at a factory where men just want one thing,
and the Baptists church group is full of jesus freaks.
I’m about to crack up. HELP!

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Answer by thursdaynightoldies
speaking as a single male, i might ask the same thing about single or divorced women….i would like to take the time to get to know someone (bf/gf sort of thing), then see if it works into a relationship…..yeah, i think that it could be done….the decent guys are out there…they may not simply advertise the fact that they are decent guys…maybe they have been screwed over too many times….have patience….keep looking….they are out there….good luck to you

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