“when MySpace came to me….

“when MySpace came to me….
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…..and said they were the next Friendster, I laughed," says Mike Jones of Userplane. Now he’s just smiling, as cofounder/ceo of the company that powers instant messaging and chat for Friendster, MySpace and hundreds of dating sites.

More interesting is the platform underneath: While other vendors talk about identity management and worry about the issues of privacy and portability and federation, Userplane manages about 1.5 million user IDs that it now wants to federate (at their option, with real-time presence management) *across* its partner sites. That is, if you have a Userplane user ID, you can see when your friends are online…
or you can see when they are online at a particular site where they have logged in. Presence now combines with remote virtual location info…. and will generate interesting permutations: Whom do you want to see where? *Do* you really want to have the same identity across multiple sites? Some people will say yes all the time; some will say no all the time; and some will make different choices for
different locations and for different friends.

And you thought *taxes* were complicated!

Whatever! Stay tuned. Userplane’s installed base may trump the many hours of technical discussion going on in the ID community. And if what they have is really better, they should consider working with Userplane to get someone to use it.