What’s your opinion on the Graphic Arts/ Art Direction/ Advertising field?

Question by Andrew: What’s your opinion on the Graphic Arts/ Art Direction/ Advertising field?
I’m only a junior in high school but I’m thinking about college and what I’d like to major in. I’m very interested and passionate about art and design. Right now I take a Drawing and Painting course and an Introduction to Digital Photography and Illustration Design course and they both are really interesting. I’ve really been looking into the Pratt Institute and the School of Visual Arts in NYC… so, any suggestions or comments on these schools and any advice in approaching these fields?

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Answer by roses are piink
I know someone who went to SVA and majored in advertisement. She loved it. It’s also a good art school so yeah

As for Pratt, I visited there and it’s in Brooklyn. The school used to be a shoes factory back in the days, so it has that feel to it. You should go visit their campus one time! It’s not a huge campus. Pretty small in my opinion. It’s a really good school though and hard to get into. Theyre know for their architechtural programs. Both schools are very good schools. You should def look into it and do more research. Go to their websites and ask for catalogs.

Also when you go to high school, take an art class each year. When youre an underclassman, there are only so many electives you can take b/c you just wont have the advantage like that. When you’re jr/sr you can take like 3-4 electives. Right now, Im taking AP art and advanced drawing. I love the classes. The more art classes you take the more pieces you’ll have for your college portfolio, more experience, and it’ll look good in your application

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