What Were You Thinking??: $600-Per-Hour Legal Advice on Relationships, Marriage & Divorce

What Were You Thinking??: 0-Per-Hour Legal Advice on Relationships, Marriage & Divorce

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could sit down with a lawyer who normally charges 0 per hour without any concern as to the amount of the legal fees you would incur? To get some expert, straightforward advice for yourself, a family member or friend who is contemplating marriage or divorce?

Now is your chance to blow the bank on legal fees without actually doing so. A top family law attorney for twenty years provides hard-won reflections and commonsense advice (with witticisms) on love, marriage, and living together.

Don’t even think about tying the knot, breaking up or starting all over again without reading this lively, invaluable book.

List Price: $ 25.95

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