What pheromone cologne should I use?

Question by Dude 5: What pheromone cologne should I use?
I’m about to buy Pheromone cologne for the first time. I want something that sexually attracts girls, but also just makes them notice me. I’m really shy and bad at talking to them, so I want it to grab their attention and maybe get them to talk to me first? I can put in effort, Just something to help with it you know? What kind would be best?

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Answer by SF_Writer
Don’t waste your money. You’re not an insect: pheromones have next to no effect on humans.

Just learn to talk to them. It’s not that hard: talk about routine things — school, the weather, food, movies, TV, etc. Don’t worry about making a mistake — they’ll be just as shy as you are. Just pretend they’re your friend and they will be.

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