What is a good online dating strategy for a girl?

Question by Nikita: What is a good online dating strategy for a girl?
I am wondering if the real world dating strategies work online. I mean, should a girl make the first contact or should she just sit around and wait till a guys does? If I should then how should I do it (what should I say?) so it doesn’t seem too forward? I don’t want to push it and be a turn off to the guys.

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Answer by Josh
Guys like women that make the first move. You should just let the guy know that you think he’s cute or interesting. Now a days women propose to men. So why wouldn’t you try making the first move, if you like that guy. The biggest mistake some women make is thinking, well I like this guy but he should make the first move. When women think like this often than not ,the person they wanted, tends to choose someone else. When you approach a guy just be yourself. Don’t try to say anything out of the ordinary. Just start with a simple hey how are you doing? I was wondering if we can chat. I read a little bit about you and I was thinking we have a lot in common. I like the fact that you___________________. If he’s cute then let him know but don’t over do it. Us men do tend to get a pretty big ego when complimented excessively.

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