What Everybody Ought To Know About Pheromone Colognes

What Everybody Ought To Know About Pheromone Colognes

What Everybody Ought To Know About Pheromone Colognes

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Home Page > Self Improvement > What Everybody Ought To Know About Pheromone Colognes

What Everybody Ought To Know About Pheromone Colognes

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Posted: Mar 12, 2009 |Comments: 0
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Can you just imagine a cologne that would majestically make you look good and smell good at the same time? Pheromone cologne manufacturers strongly believe that this is possible. Who would say no for a cologne product that can turn you into a beautiful swan in an instant? Nobody perhaps. Pheromone colognes’ principle is that humans can attract one another by means of pheromones. So what exactly are pheromone colognes? Technically and scientifically, pheromones are body chemicals found in animals that affect other animal’s behavior. This of course doesn’t purely mean sexual affairs as what most people believe. Pheromones can be a medium to mark certain territories like most animals do and it can also lead the way to a potential food. However, in most facts, animals and insects respond to their mates by means of pheromones. Pheromones are secreted by a person to send a signal to the other person. The sexual pheromones makes a female attracted to a male with a strong pheromone. Studies show that male gains more control when they see that the pheromone they are wearing weaves a massive effect on females. They tend to look more jolly, friendly and sociable which makes women interested in them. As per human, pheromones doesn’t have a scent. In most myths, they say that when you apply cologne, you cover up your body’s natural pheromone, however, it doesn’t really hold much. A lot of people would rather have a strong smelling cologne rather than a strong smelling natural body odor. But then again, as science would explain it, pheromones are odorless and they can only be detected by the vomeronasal organ found inside your nose. This vomeronasal organ would send a signal to your brain when it detects pheromones. Since the purpose of a human being is to live and propagate, this means it is our responsibility and call of duty to attract members of the opposite sex. And since most people would rather apply cologne to smell good, a lot of cologne manufacturers have discovered that pheromones can be incorporated in a cologne. This is what pheromone cologne is all about. As what we have said, pheromones are naturally odorless, so it really doesn’t affect much on the fragrance of a particular cologne. The effect of a pheromone cologne cannot be seen the moment you apply it, you’ll only realize its effect when a member of the opposite sex suddenly becomes attracted to you even if you are in your normal working day attire. The target of this pheromone cologne is mostly women who want to have the power in attracting the male specie. The results of this cologne may vary, and before you purchase one, make sure that you read some reviews and customer feedback about the pheromone cologne that you want to buy. It is always good to buy a pheromone cologne from a known brand. Look for the brands that have received positive feedback. With this, you’ll be assured of the effectiveness of the cologne especially if you are out to seek for a potential partner in life.

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For more information visit the Pheromone Cologne site. It includes reviews of the most popular Pheromone Cologne products available today as well as pointers to make the most of your product.


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