What do you think of my online dating profile ads?

Question by Hammy The great: What do you think of my online dating profile ads?
Critic? Be honest please,
What is lacking/ what should I add more?
Thank you
Absolutely 10pts
Hey I’m 25 yo gay man and right now I’m a post graduate from Technical College working as a freelance graphic designer artist.
I’m looking for independent relationship with a guy who understand his personal boundary and my personal boundary, who respect each other privacy and territory and willing to merge our world by consideration and mutual understanding, not a rule.
relationship is not about excessive sex. I have high sex drive, lets pour it out in our honeymoon period, I can be the raunchiest, sweetest yet safest guy you ever known, who knows your turn on and I will taking care of your territory carefully. When the honeymoon period is over, we are back to reality or our mundane business and I hope you don’t have problem in that transition.
You love me like I love you and we are together.. bond in trust. We connect telepathically and I trust you not to do any harm based on my instinct. I don’t have to do silly investigation job like a loony. I will talk to you directly when I feel something wrong. There is no secret swept under the rug.

When I love you, doesn’t mean I possess you. You are free to enjoying your life to the full extend, you are free to pursue your life path. However, DO NOT INCLUDE me when you have legal problem or law problem. It’s a deal-breaker there. Money can be granted as a gift and generosity, not a full liability.I won’t help you when you go downhill, it’s all by your responsibility. Yet, I will be available for the best emotional support, solution and caring that I can give when you are in the bad situation.

I have my own code of conduct but it doesn’t mean I’m a tight ass but if I can prefer what kind of lifestyle that I want with my guy; I want us to be simple minded,humble, down to earth and sensible. We hardly waste things and we are living under harmonious budget. Of course the opposite of that is to become greedy and excessive, something I always avoid.Oh! And if you are a carpenter, that is a plus. 😉 +++
I’m looking for a long term partner, a guy who love me to the length of time because I know that I can do the same way.
I want to cultivate my quality for the special someone because
2 is better than one. I promise not the leave you away from your side when you frail and old. If you follow through..
Until the end of time.

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Answer by rob z
Desperate and a little conceded

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