what do you think about christian online dating?

Question by Ben Shrout: what do you think about christian online dating?
i was just wondering what everybody thought about it. Do you think its going out of Gods will and taking matters into your own hands when God has someone for you? I was thinking of trying it cuz its very hard to meet good christain girls. The churches around here hardly have any young girls my age at all (im 23). I have met some people at school but there just worldly you know and want nothing to do with God.

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Answer by ♥Kandy Girl♥
I have the same problem trying to find Christian guys!
I think all Christians have this problem.lol

no, I don’t think it’s wrong. If God doesn’t want it to happen yet,
then you simply wont find anyone good for you on those sites.
Same as when you’re talking to someone at school, or work..etc

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