What do single women (never married & divorced) think of dating divorced men?

Question by Help Me: What do single women (never married & divorced) think of dating divorced men?
Probably depends on circumstance. Mine is that the wife cheated. When she lost her job, she got lured into the social world of online video games, chatting, texting and webcamming (not G rated btw) and turned into a real thing.

I’m newly divorced. I’m taking a positive side of things of the relationship. There were both bad and good from it – I learned and I’m going to do it better next time around. I haven’t started dating, but I personally don’t mind dating an unmarried or divorce woman. I’m not sure about getting into a relationship with a “ready-made” family, but I have yet to date someone with children. I’m open to it though. I’m also fairly young at 31 and have no children, so I don’t have too many strikes against me. It’s just terrifying going back being single after being in a committed relationship for 6+ years. Also considering all my friends are married and are having there first child already or on the way. So I’m pretty much out there alone.

Just getting a some opinions. Maybe it’ll help me cope a bit and move on. I’m trying to go out every weekend so I don’t turn into a depressed “recluse.” Yeah, it sucks. Its hard trying to get life back on track after a divorce.

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