What do older divorced women really want?

Question by survivor: What do older divorced women really want?
I’ve divorced and started dating again. Of course since I’m divorced and have 2 children, i really don’t have a ton of money to spread around. it’s pretty scarce like a single mom’s cash flow. problem is i meet these single moms or divorced women and it seems they’re looking for another dad for their kid or want some guy that has all this money to do stuff to help take care of their kid(s). it seems they’re unrealistic in their dating and it’s like they’re holding out for Mr. wonderful with no baggage and tons of cash when they have their own baggage. what’s the most important thing a single mom looks for or even an older woman that’s been through a divorce. I think a lot of divorced people think the grass is greener and spend their life looking for something they’ll never get and regret getting divorced (it wasn’t my choice to get divorced). then these women wonder why they can’t find a good man? it boggles my mind sometimes.

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A Sex Buddy

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