What country is best for young, single american men?

Question by Big Man: What country is best for young, single american men?
I am single, american man in my late 20s. I am chivalrous “nice guy” and I’m extremely fed up with American women. I have ventured out to Thailand a few years ago and noticed a big difference how women treat men. The trip pretty much confirmed my suspicion that most american women are full of sh–. Women there were less drama and more to the point.

Hate to stereotype and complain, but have to ventilate. Generally american women are fickle, confusing, self centered, spoiled, etc. I’m not sure if it’s a product of our media, political correctness, etc..but I’m sick of being treat like doormat all the while US women complain “they want to someone to treat them right”. When I do “treat women right” they get bored quickly.

So with that aside, what are some of the best countries for young men? Cheap cost living, safety, etc also has a huge obvious impact.

Thailand is getting more expensive unfortunately. However I heard good things about Brazil/Argentina.

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Answer by Bob
True about American women
I am getting out asap
I am only 17 going to study International Business in college then I am out.

American women want guys who treat them like crap

It makes no sense

If I were you I would check out Puerto Rico… it is U.S. territory but totally different culture and you would still be able to keep your American citizenship, passport, everything.

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