What are the best christian dating sites if I’m a woman and want a bigger male-female ratio?

Question by cutiepie: What are the best christian dating sites if I’m a woman and want a bigger male-female ratio?
What are the best sites for a 20-something woman where the site has more men than women (better odds)?

Any other tips/advice/cost considerations regarding christian dating online sites-helpful! Thanks!

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Answer by ♥♥ LOVE GURU ♥♥
Most dating sites have a larger male ratio, except for sites like eHarmony, which are unique, because they have more women, than men. Some websites are even free for women, to attract women to their sites, because they have so few, and are otherwise all male, just like many bars and clubs have ladies night.

You can try almost any website, and specifically search by religion. This is an option available on any major dating site like eHarmony, Match.com, Yahoo Personals, etc. There are specific dating sites that are religion specific like christiansingles.com, but they may not believe exactly the same things you do, since each Christian religion differs slightly. I could list a few dozen here, but honestly, I couldn’t tell you how good they are. You can do a simple google search and easily find them.

Any dating site, will feature a free-trial period ranging anywhere from a few days, to 2-weeks. As I mentioned before, many dating sites will even offer free enrollment for women, because they are mostly male.

My advice would be try a few. Use more than one photo on the site, and actively search the site and respond to profiles you like. Most dating sites are very superficial. They’ll look at your photo in the search, and only if they like how you look, will they even view your profile. You may write a lot about yourself, but often short messages are better, because then they’ll actually take the time to read what you wrote. Quite often, people will ask you questions to things you already answered in your profile, proving they haven’t actually read it, and this is a mass mailing.

Be careful who you respond to, because there are spammers on these sites, although most spammers tend to be people posing as women, not men.

If you do meet, make sure you’ve chatted on the phone first. You can use *67 to block your number on their Caller-ID. This is very helpful to avoid stalkers. If you do meet, meet during the day, in a public place. Tell someone who you’ll be meeting, when, and where. Arrange to call that person at a designated time. Go to the bathroom, before you order food, so that your food isn’t tampered with. Cover your cup, so that it isn’t tampered with. Keep the first meeting short, like coffee, during the day. That way, if its a bad date, it wont last long, and if its a good date, you can continue hanging-out, well into the evening.

You can also try sites like Craigslist.com, which don’t have profiles, but do offer free personal ads. This site has gotten a bad reputation, but there are some religious people who meet there.

You can ask your church which places they recommend. Often, churches will try to cater to singles, because they want you to meet people, get married, in their church, baptize your kids, in their church, and raise your family, in their church, and then have your kids married, in their church. They rely on generations to keep the church open, and so many are catering to singles, and will be able to recommend either websites, organizations or may even host dances or parties for singles. Infact, they may even be hosting something tonight, since its New Years Eve.

Best of luck in life and love. 🙂

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