What are some good online dating tips?

Question by texashoney2466: What are some good online dating tips?
Hello, I am new to the world of online dating. I would just like to get some good tips and suggestions from guys and gals. Here are a few questions I have. And, if you have any other good suggestions to share, please let me know. Thanks for your input.

How well should I know a guy, before meeting him in person?

When is it a good time to give out your phone #?

And, how do you determine, if you like the them, once you meet?

Being the single person that I am, is there anything wrong with dating or chatting online a few people at once? Like, I met one guy today for lunch…he was very nice, but I also chat with other guys too.

Anything wrong with this?

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Answer by Bo Beeta
Just becareful hun…you wanna see what i mean…try pretending your someone else for one of these lil dates..and see how convinced the other person is…that could be you….people can tell stories and get pics anywhere these days…be careful and good luck…And im not saying everyone does this stuff…I know a few people that have been married from online dating

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