What are good graduate programs for studying technology?

Question by sheilasmith: What are good graduate programs for studying technology?
I received my B.A. in liberal arts and am interested in pursuing graduate studies that will be a nice mix of the liberal arts approach with science (mainly in the humanities, the arts, philosophy) and that will enable me to focus on studying technology in a broad range…(not anything extremely math/science specific)…the effects of technology on our world, the history of technology, where it is going, what we can do with it (good and bad), etc. Would love to hear of any programs you guys have heard good things about, especially some of those programs that may not be so well-known! Thanks!

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Answer by PE2008
What would be the purpose of this graduate study? Do you think there is a market for graduates in History of Technology?

Uf you want to study Technology seriously for career preparation, there are MSIT (Industrial Technology) and MSTM (Technology Management) degrees. They all involve some math…

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