Welcome to Kid Friendly Vegas

Welcome to Kid Friendly Vegas

Welcome to Kid Friendly Vegas

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Home Page > Home and Family > Welcome to Kid Friendly Vegas

Welcome to Kid Friendly Vegas

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Posted: Sep 19, 2008 |Comments: 0
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Welcome to Kid Friendly Vegas

By: Kid Friendly Guide

About the Author

Kid Friendly Las Vegas

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If it’s been a while since you’ve visited Las Vegas, it’s time to go. And this trip, bring the kids! That’s right. Las Vegas is now kid friendly Vegas, and it’s not because the gambling age got lowered. Las Vegas is just as kid friendly as Disney, and just as chock-full of things to do for kids of all ages. Check out these reasons why kid friendly Vegas should top your next kid friendly travel list.

Kid Friendly Las Vegas Amusement Parks, Theme and Water Parks

Here are the thirteen major kid friendly play spots on and off the Strip that will keep your kids smiling.

• Adventuredome
• Doolittle Pool
• Freedom Park
• Coney Island Emporium
• Star Trek: The Experience
• Buffalo Bill’s Amusement Park
• Stratosphere Tower
• Las Vegas Wet Indoor Water Park
• The Eiffel Tower Experience
• The Roller Coaster at NY NY
• SPEED the Ride
• SkyMania Fun Center

And keep your eyes open for the little tucked away fun spots that you’ll find inside all the Vegas kid friendly resorts like Excalibur, the fairytale castle kid friendly Vegas resort that’s every bit as impressive as the one that the famous mouse lives in.

Las Vegas Kid Friendly Shows and Kid Friendly Restaurants

Depending on the season and who’s in town, there are always at least 20 great kid friendly shows that your children will still be talking about long after their Vegas family vacation is over. Some of the especially kid friendly shows include these:

• Blue Man Group
• Lance Burton Magic Show
• World’s Largest Permanent Circus
• Gregory Popovich’s Comedy Pet Theater
• Monty Python’s Spamalot
• Steve Wyrick Magic Show
• Xtreme Magic Show Starring Dirk Arthur
• ICE at the Riviera Hotel and Casino

And don’t miss the Tournament of Kings interactive dinner show at the kid friendly Excalibur. And speaking of dinner, a family friendly vacation requires child friendly restaurants, and Vegas is overflowing with them.

Kahunaville at Treasure Island and the Rainforest Café are the top two kid friendly Vegas restaurants, but you’ll also want to experience the Pasta Pirate at the California Club, and America at the New York – New York.

Other Vegas Family Friendly Vacation Ideas

If you want to sneak a few educational experiences into your Vegas kid friendly travel plans without the little ones being any the wiser, Vegas offers plenty of options. Topping the list is the Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay, followed by the Lied Discovery Museum and the Las Vegas Springs Preserve.

Vegas Kid Friendly Travel, Naturally

If you have time, take the kids to the Grand Canyon in nearby Arizona. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime trip that your kids will be telling their kids about. A little closer to Vegas is the Red Rock Canyon, Spring Mountain Ranch State Park, Lake Mead, and the Floyd Lamb State Park.

Kid Friendly Vegas is worthy of a visit, so make it your preferred kid friendly travel destination.

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Kid Friendly Guide
About the Author:

Kid Friendly Las Vegas


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