Web Site Asks Visitors to Dump Boyfriend


(PRWEB) April 13, 2005

Last week, Bash Technologies, San Diego, launched a series of do-it-yourself personal advice web sites, http://www.dumpmyboyfriend.com, http://www.dumpmygirlfriend.com, and http://www.dearube.com. People who are having second thoughts about their significant others are encouraged to share their stories on the sites, and allow others to vote and comment with their opinions. While people seeking dating or relationship advice might traditionally go with a well-known personal advice columnist, the chances of getting their stories heard are far less through such an avenue. DumpMyBoyfriend’s motto is “Why ask one random stranger for advice, when you could ask thousands of random strangers?”

Isn’t this all mean-spirited and cruel? Bash Technologies founder Howie Wang doesn’t think so. “We sincerely hope that people going through difficult situations will find the site useful and supportive. Relationship problems can be trying and talking about them can be very cathartic,” said Wang.

The stories on the site range from the agonizing to the ridiculous. One post contemplates breaking up with someone who just found out about a family member’s cancer, while another asks whether to stop hanging out with a friend with a “smelly” boyfriend.

People with non-dating problems can write to “Dear UBE” (as in “you be” the personal advice columnist). The usual personal advice topics, family squabbles, etiquette questions, and workplace annoyances, are all fair game.

To celebrate the launch of the sites, Bash Technologies is giving away an iPod Shuffle MP3 player. People who post to the site or refer friends would become eligible to win. The contest remains open until May 15th.