Watch out for the online ‘boyfriend’

Watch out for the online ‘boyfriend’
SINGAPORE – Some say it is better to have loved and lost than to not have loved at all.
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A Gay Bahraini Speaks Out
As the tiny Persian Gulf archipelago kingdom of Bahrain enters its second month of widespread protests — with clashes on March 13 resulting in more than 1,000 being hospitalized and news that the government has brought in troops from neighboring Saudi Arabia — a young gay Bahraini blogger offers insight into the sources of discontent there as well as alternative visions the demonstrators harbor.
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The young team up with the wise
MPR shares stories of diversity Minnesota Public Radio’s Sasha Aslanian and three of her youth reporters will present the Department of Communication Studies’ Nadine B. Andreas Lecture, ‘Someplace You’ve Never Been: Inside MPR’s Youth Radio Series,’ on March 22. …
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