Valentines Day — Taking Control of Cupid


Columbus, OH (PRWEB) February 11, 2008

As February unfolds with all its red-hued glory, focusing on one’s own personal state of romance is hard to avoid. And, as many would agree, waiting for serendipity to strike or for Cupid’s bow to hit the target of your affection is hardly the best or remotely realistic way to amp up your love life.

Help comes to the rescue this holiday in the form of local certified matchmakers and owners of Columbus based, Dating Directions, Susie Hardesty and Elizabeth Cobey-Piper. To make this Valentine’s Day extra-special, these love experts have compiled the following top 10 tips to upgrade the most romantic day of the year.

The top 10 Valentine’s Day tips include:

1) Do not procrastinate — Plan ahead to make it special. Make reservations and make your significant other feel like a VIP.

2) Do bring something special — A special day benefits from an extra-special gesture. A single stem of her favorite flower or a CD from his favorite band will show extra consideration.

3) Do not be ordinary — Valentine’s Day is not any other given day. It is a special day and deserves special treatment.

4) Do try something new — Special memories are made from special moments. Doing the status quo is a status no.

5) Do not forget to be appealing — Dress up. Wear their favorite scent. Put effort in to looking special in a way you know your significant other appreciates.

6) Do exercise your romantic muscle — Give a special card with some hand-written, heart-felt thoughts. Original prose and poetry say things that Hallmark can not.

7) Do not exercise “the right to remain silent” — Conversation is both key to a good date and a good relationship. Think of topics to discuss before-hand to avoid awkward silence or covering the typical “how was your day” dribble.

8) Do be dazzling — Valentine’s Day is the day to pull out all the stops. Go overboard. Indulge.

9) Don’t be unappreciative — Show your date that you value their efforts, no matter how minor the detail. Your gratefulness is a gift in itself.

10) Do your research — Find out what makes your date tick. Ask friends and family members for ideas and pay attention yourself. Planning ahead will ensure a romantic and successful evening.

According to Hardesty, “My business partner and I have been in this business long enough to really know what is important in making a date extraordinary. The advice we give is tried, tested and true.” So, go ahead and take control of your inner cupid by paying heed of the above expert counsel. These expert ladies-of-love may not shoot bows and arrows, but their advice is dead-center.

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