Two Easy Ways To Get More Customers

Two Easy Ways To Get More Customers

When you are out to get customers for your information products, you should establish four or five mainstreams to bring you traffic and leads. Let’s take a look at a couple of them that I’ve found to be particularly powerful in my information marketing business. They may be things that you’ve seen before, but perhaps I can shed a new light on them.

One thing that I have used with great results is Google. I do pay-per-click advertising. You bid on what you are willing to pay for a click. The highest bidders get the best placement on Google’s search engine results pages. Then when prospects type in certain keywords, your ads pop right up on the first result page they see.

One of the masters of information marketing and driving traffic to web sites this way is David DeAngelo. To see how he works his magic, let’s take as an example the keywords “Double Your Dating.” If you type them into the search box on Google, at the very top of the screen you will see a couple of “sponsored links.”

One of the two links leads directly to one of David’s web sites: The other leads to a landing page: That second one is probably one of David’s affiliates. And at the top of the natural results as well—I’m sure David worked hard at this—up comes That’s his original web site for offering dating advice. Out of the top four or five results you see, he’s nailed at least three of them.

This is a very effective form of advertising that was never available before. The Internet has created, quite literally, a completely new channel for marketing. It’s called “Search Engine Marketing,” or sometimes “Search Engine Advertising.” You can put your links at the head of the queue for browsers, either through pay-per-click ads or by getting natural search results.

Believe me, that’s a big channel of leads of many information marketing businesses. That’s where, right now, maybe 15 percent of my business comes from.

I mentioned, also, that one the resulting links was to an affiliate web site. With affiliates, you have a network of partners who offer your stuff to their lists or advertise your information products using their own channels.

These affiliates do your Internet marketing for you. They use their own proprietary lists, and they send your offers to their customers. They say, “Hey those guys at Double Your Dating have some great information products. You might want to go check them out.” Or sometimes they run ads or other forms of information marketing. They make a percentage of the sales they bring you.

So that’s another thing that the Internet has really revolutionized: Affiliate Marketing. Nowadays, you hear about it all the time, but ten years ago something like this just wasn’t possible. If you did affiliate marketing at all, it was very complex. You had to keep hard-copy records of what you sold. You had all these manual checks to write. Now, the internet allows you to do all this stuff automatically. There are third-party services that do all the tracking and even make the payments for you.

So there you have two ways to get more customers. There are many others, of course, but try these first. They are two of the very best.

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